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Moose Hunts

We look forward to helping you plan your moose hunting adventure!

Another successful bull moose hunt.

Gary Willems with his 55 inch Bull Moose taken in the Alaska Range.

Quietly floating down a wild and scenic river as you listen to your guide softly imitating a lonely cow moose calling for the bull moose of your dreams. To hear the crash of antlers against brush in return warms the blood and quickens the heart! You look through the golden leaves of autumn birch for a glimpse of an animal that stands six feet at the shoulder and supports antlers that can spread over sixty inches and sometimes over seventy; fifty is the norm.

You're not worried about counting brow tines or trying to judge the spread because in this unit non-residents can shoot any antlered bull!

You get a ten day hunt for the price of the normal seven day hunt. World class Arctic Grayling fishing, a chance at wolf, black bear, grizzly, wolverine are an anticipated bonus when booking a mixed bag hunt. Dall Sheep and Caribou can be seen high up on the mountains. At night after a great meal and warm fire, you slip into a nice warm sleeping bag situated on a comfortable cot with insulated pad; you easily fall asleep, dreaming of doing it all again the next day.

The hunting season in this unit starts September 5th and ends the 15th. What are you waiting for?

10 Day Hunts
One on One: $12,000.00
One on Two: $11,000.00 (each hunter)