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Spring and Fall Grizzly Hunts

We look forward to helping you plan your grizzly bear hunting adventure!

Grizzly Hunt

Air Force Member John Kimble on his donated hunt before being deployed to Iraq; he made it back safely!

Grizzly bear! There's nothing more exciting than pursuing the greatest predator on the planet! The bear in my hunting area of Game Management Unit (GMU) 13, are plentiful enough that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has set the season without a closing date! That's right, the season runs all year long; though obviously during winter hibernation things are dead slow.

Spring hunts on snow machines/ATVs depending on timing, and fall hunts by ATV. Spot and stalk sounds easy, however grizzly bears don't become adults by being stupid or being in areas where it is easy to walk! The terrain also makes it hard to stalk an animal with a nose that can smell a dead moose over a mile away.

Ensure you are in good physical shape before putting your heart to the test of a stalk and the adrenalin of getting close to these bears in their home turf! Hunting on tundra is like walking on a deep wet sponge and will tax you physically and mentally.

These are fair chase hunts and baiting of Grizzly/Brown Bears is not permissible in GMU 13 at this time. Our spring Black Bear hunting area, GMU 20A does have a baiting season for Grizzly/Brown Bear, check the Black Bear page for further information. Best times to hunt is Mid-March through October as Grizzly and Brown Bears do not tend to rub like Black Bears.

10 Day Hunts
One on One: $12,000.00
One on Two: $11,000.00 (each hunter)