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Field Care for Your Trophy

Care for your trophy until you can get it to a taxidermist.

  • Take plenty of pictures not only for yourself but for your taxidermist.
  • Do not cut in any way.
  • Coat your fish with Borax, especially under the gills, in the mouth and fins. This helps keep the fish from discoloring. Then keep it cool/damp and take to taxidermist promptly or freeze it.
  • Place a Kleenex or other soft material into and around the beak/bill keeping any fluids from getting onto the feathers.
  • Take a nylon stocking and pull onto the bird head down to the tail. This keeps feathers straight.
Carcass Care
  • If you are unable to skin promptly, open the chest and remove the insides. Prop open chest with a stick to start cooling process. If you can, hang in a shaded area or place branches or rock underneath the carcass for ventilation on ground.
  • When possible don't haul your trophy in an enclosed container for very long.
  • Don't place your warm trophy in a plastic bag or air tight container.
  • This is the best way to preserve your hide.
  • Use non-iodized table salt only.
  • Before salting, turn ears, split lips and the nose, removing heavy meat and extra fat from the hide.
  • Lay hide out flat, rub thick coat of salt on hide, plus around eyes, lips, ears, and edges of the hide.
  • Next day, shake off old salt and reapply fresh salt.
  • If you can't get the trophy to a taxidermist or salted quickly, do the following:
  • Birds: Protect the feathers after the hunt with the nylon stocking, wrap a couple times and freeze.
  • Small mammals: Lay out flat and wrap a couple times being mindful not to go against the fur.
  • Fish: Lay out flat, lay fins and tail flat and wrap with plastic wrap.
  • Large animals: Skin side out. Leave head, feet, and tail attached if you're not sure how to skin properly. Leave the feet out and roll up the skin to the head, fold feet on top of rolled skin. DON'T ROLL SKIN OVER HEAD AND FEET.